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Sis & Bro Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder


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Keep your soap high and dry!

Our African black soap is a unique product that delivers the best of nature to you. To increase its effectiveness, the soap must have the opportunity of drying up properly after use. To this end, we have an innovative solution to the clumsy and cluttering soap dishes, the Sis & Bro Bamboo Magnetic Soap Holder are the best way to keep your soap bars high and dry!

Declutter your bathroom shower or sink with the magnetic soap holder, perfect for your daily shower or morning face washing ritual.

How To Use

  1. Remove protective covering to expose the sticky side on the back of the soap holder.
  2. Now firmly press the holder against the wall.
  3. Now, take the metallic soap disc and bury it in the soap bar to allow it to magnetically attach to the holder.
  4. The same disc can be reused by inserting it into the new bar after the old one is finished.


  • Clean the tile and wipe it dry before you install your soap holder.
  • Firmly attach the metal disc so that the soap does not fall down.
  • Keep the soap holder slightly above waist level so that it is easy to attach and detach the soap from the holder.
  • In case you have more than one holder, you can place them at different parts of the bathroom like beside the bathing area, the washbasin, etc.
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